Your professional in renovation

on the Costa Del Sol

Background & History

Our experience in property solutions goes back a few decades, we use our experience and composure to explore what is right for your property, there is no one solution fits all. We will spend much free consultancy time exploring your requirements then suggest potential solutions for constructing, renovating or repairing your property. Our overall aim is that you achieve your property goals at reasonable cost and you have confidence that we will treat you and your property with respect at all times.

A Force for Progress

We continually review the products and suppliers we engage with. Over the years we have narrowed down to what we believe are the best products. Whether paint, plaster, tiles, plumbing or electrical materials. We research new technology products to save energy in cooling, heating and hot water supplies. Energy costs are increasing, we take this into account on all installation products. The cheapest is not always the best for long term savings.

Home renovation / refurbishment on the Costa del Sol

What we are doing


• House extensions
• Customized renovations
• Plumbing
• Electricity
• Kitchens
• Bathrooms
• Plastering and tiling
• Painting and Decorating
• Swimming pools

Project Management

• Reason for purchase
• Objective for purchase
• Generate ideas
• Demonstrate samples
• Create sketch plan
• Agree time quality cost
• Create contract
• Create project plan
• Start works
• Review progress weekly
• Measure time quality cost
• Complete and review

Legal Advices

• Planning
• Obtaining Permits & Approvals
• Sustainability Check
• Interior Design Regulation
• Final Inspection
• Completion

Our Customers Say

Satisfied Customers
Small Works
Finished Projects
We believe there are

3 Steps to Success


We bought our first house in Spain in 1996, renovated, rented and sold it. Ever since we have used the same formula for ourselves and our clients.
We understand the market values of properties and the potential future values after renovation.


We believe in our team
We believe in our skills
We believe in our products
Hopefully this will transfer into your confidence in CostaCasa.


We understand that all projects and clients are different and have differing demands. We do not over complicate simple processes. We are realistic in what can be achieved. At the end of every project we have a detailed client completion document to ensure every project is agreed as complete to project specification.