Project Management

Our responsibility, your peace of mind

One size does not fit all

We recognise every client is unique and every property has it’s own characteristics.

We therefore work with you to get the most out of your investment that suits the architecture of the property.


Initial client meetings to understand the objective of the renovation and generate product and design ideas. This can be achieved via a face to face, skype, voice call and email to start shaping the clients requirements.


Create a sketch plan that starts detailing exact design requirements and logical project phases, enabling a visual initial agreement of outline works.


Agree outline time, quality and cost parameters for renovation. Then review against initial objectives.


Now is the time to create a detailed project plan in line with all the information agreed so far. This will then be the working document for Review throughout the renovation project. All licenses are submitted.


Work starts in line with project plan.


Continually review with a weekly client meeting the project plan with regards to time, quality, cost, highlights and lowlights. The project can then be amended on a weekly basis to reflect the clients wishes.


We value all our communications and feedback on projects, from our clients.

Below is an ongoing snapshot of client satisfaction with our activity.

Planning and communication
Completion and cost